"Break the Net" - Online Classes
Join our online classes designed for children aged 6 to 12 years  to help them feel entertained and educated! Help them make new friends and learn something new in a fun way!
Classes take place Monday - Friday at 4:30pm - 5:30pm via Zoom.
Make sure to book early to get a space!
  • Drama class - the children will play games, scriptwriting, work in teams and put together an audio project. 
  • Singing class - Children will learn the importance of vocal warm up, projecting, range and learn a variety of singing styles and songs. 
  • Dance class - Children will learn a varied of dancing styles from ballet, jazz, tap and street. Great way for them to keep active. 
  • Drawing and Origami class - We alternate between drawing and origami classes. Children will learn how to draw through tutorials and will be set a different theme to draw every class. They will also play drawing games, create a collage as a group and use the computer to experiment and create different types of drawings. In the origami class children will learn how to make origami following a different set of themes every class using squared paper. 
  • Detective class - to get the brain active and thinking like a detective. Children work in groups to solve weekly mysteries through cryptic english and math puzzles and role play.  
   The cases the children have solved so far in the Detective Class include: 
"The Evil Caretaker", 
"Senor Alessandro and his beautiful Museum," 
"The Evil Scientist and Devious Jafar",
" Aye Matey - Captain Carrot's Voyage to Atlantic Sea",
"Marva, the Pencil Snatcher",
"The Scramble Monster is Alive" and
"Diddle Riddles and Oxford University". 
All classes are only £2.50 per class
In order to safeguard our service users and staff, a registration pack will be sent to the nominated email address which will need to be completed and sent back to us. 


Please complete the form below and send payment via bank transfer:

As a reference please provide your child’s first initial and surname (e.g. ABAKER):

Account Name: Skipz Productions cic 

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Once the form and payment has been received we will send you a confirmation via email. Please register asap. Payment for the class must be made before your child is due to attend. Alternatively if you would like us to send you a registration form via email please email us at skipzproductions@gmail.com


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