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Creative Therapies

At Skipz Productions cic we use creative therapies and interventions known as creative disciplines such as drama, dance, music, art, photography and filmmaking to help children understand their environment and circumstances to forge solutions to any issues they could be facing and develop and increase the social skills they need to effectively interact and communicate with their peers, teachers and families.

Creative therapies allow children to explore and communicate through different creative disciplines and find which is best for them. Each creative discipline has its way of communicating and we are here to ensure that children and young people explore all these disciplines and find one that they can relate and express through. 


For example, if a child is not used to expressing themselves through drama and words, they may find art, music, photography or filmmaking a better medium for them to communicate. Alternatively if a child cannot express themselves through the latter they may use drama, words, scriptwriting, poetry to express themselves. 

All creative disciplines have their unique way of allowing a form of expression therefore there is no right or wrong discipline for them to explore and express themselves through. All are welcomed and the most important aspect is that the child or young person has found their discipline and is able to express themselves effectively and efficiently through them to support their social and emotional development and maintain positive relationships with family, school, teachers and peers who can understand and help them. 

has shown that using creative therapies to support children and young people in their social and emotional development has allowed them to keep up with their peers and lead a full and balanced life. 

We provide bespoke creative therapies and interventions in any discipline in partnership with schools, hospitals, prisons and CAMHS. 

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