The sessions aim to help the children with their: 

  • language and communication

  • reading and writing

  • writing the issues they have down onto paper and making it into a lyrical piece

  • devising drama that helps them to investigate issues they may be suffering from and seek solutions from

  • team work 

  • commitment to a project

  • organisation

  • listening

  • problem solving

  • self-confidence

  • patience

  • flexibility

  • creativity and imagination

  • physical, emotional and intellectual development

  • concentration

  • decrease violence amongst the peers

  • ability to achieve their dreams

  • work, encourage and support each other and their peers

  • Instill confidence in communication

  • strip away the ‘gang culture’ stigma associated with rap and use it as a positive means for vocal expression.

  • change in lifestyle choice

  • sense of belonging to a positive group of peers 


and above all having fun!


We also have the following policies in place for:


1. Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults policy 


2. Behaviour policy


3. Health and safety policy 

4. Equality and diversity policy 

5. Staff check policy 

These policies will be made available on the website very shortly. 

As well as adhering to our policies, whilst on location with partnership organisations we are also fully committed to following their policies. 

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