Skipz raises the potential of children by teaching performing arts

and film making via after school clubs and workshops

We love teaching amazing kids. Without financial support, sadly we will not be able to continue.Your donations will keep Skipz clubs running. Find out more 

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Our After School Club Timetable


We currently provide the following after school clubs in the Hillingdon, Brent, Ealing & Kensington and Chelsea boroughs.

Below is our Partnership timetable 

Monday                   Rap and Drama Club            Hayes Park Primary School

                                  Art Club (Rec and Yr 1)         Hayes Park Primary School

                                  Art Club                                   Clifton Primary School                                                                   


Tuesday                  Art Club                                    Hobbayne Primary School

                                 Singing Club                            Hobbayne Primary School

                                 Singing Club                            Harlesden Primary School



Wednesday            Dance Club (Rec & Yr 1)         Alec Reed Academy

                                  Dance Club (Yrs 2-6)              Alec Reed Academy

                                  Drama Club (Rec & Yr 1)        Alec Reed Academy

                                  Drama Club (Yrs 2-6)             Alec Reed Academy

                                  Dance  Club (Yr 1 & 2)            Hayes Park Primary School                

 Thursday                Drama Club                             Ark Academy

                                  Art Club                                    Ark Academy        

                                  Art Club                                    Fielding Primary School 

                                 Painting Club                           Hayes Park Primary

                                 Yoga Club                                  Hayes Park School 

                                 Drama Club                              Colville Primary School


Friday                     Dance Club                               Hobbayne Primary School

                                Art Club                                     Harlesden Primary School 

                                Dance Club                               Harlesden Primary School                                                         Detective Club                         Colville Primary School  

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At SKiPZ PRODUCTIONS CIC we are deeply passionate about giving Children and Young People 
the safe and positive foundation for them to learn from in creative arts. This is why we bring creative workshops to them. They learn how to write lyrics, how to script write and create stories, act, dance, draw, paint and above all how to positively express themselves and perform
better in life. We currently work with Community Schools and Housing Associations. 



We cater to children aged 4 years+

Click below for more information regarding a list of our creative workshops we provide. 




For your child to gain extra training and make new friends send them along

to our Youth Theatre Group. For more information please click below. 



Our promise to you:

Enhanced DBS Checks


Fully qualified and well-presented tutors 


High standard of teaching


Provide a safe positive and supportive environment
for the children to work, grow and be creative in.

In all our areas of work we follow The United Nations Convention
on the Rights of the Child (Rights Respecting Award).

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